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Mahi-Mahi Matrimony

 Princess and the PC

Charley and the Harley

The Summerside Inn

Sweet yet Spicy!


Introduced to the Romance genre via a Kathleen Woodiwiss novel, I was immediately hooked!  My other favorite authors include Jude Devereaux, Delia J Colvin, and Janet Evanovich.

Several years ago, when I went through a divorce, I turned to writing to help me through it.  Not only did it help, but I discovered that I was not just a playwright!  Suddenly the ideas wouldn't stop coming, and I quit my full-time job and became a full-time writer!  There is nothing better in this world, than to do what you love, full-time!


"Hallmark channel perfect!"

Pat (Adeff) Fifield - Author and Playwright

Sweet, yet spicy!

So excited!  We just finished shooting the new cover photo for 'To Protect and Serve!'  Hunky -- eh?