Pat (Adeff) Fifield - Author and Playwright

Sweet yet Spicy!


Introduced to the Romance genre via a Kathleen Woodiwiss novel, I was immediately hooked!  My other favorite authors include Jude Devereaux, Delia J Colvin, and Janet Evanovich.

Several years ago, when I went through a divorce, I turned to writing to help me through it.  Not only did it help, but I discovered that I was not just a playwright!  Suddenly the ideas wouldn't stop coming, and I quit my full-time job and became a full-time writer!  There is nothing better in this world, than to do what you love, full-time!


Christmas Cowboy

Mahi-Mahi Matrimony

 Princess and the PC

Charley and the Harley

The Summerside Inn

"Hallmark channel perfect!"


Nice!  This is the new cover photo for "Charley and the Harley!"  Thank you Fishy Foto for the great shots!  I'm seeing a similar set-up as "To Protect and Serve," but after surveying my readers, this is the shot they love!

Sweet, yet spicy!

So excited!  We just finished shooting the new cover photo for 'To Protect and Serve!'  Hunky -- eh?