Author and Playwright

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​Erin McGannon has lived her life on her own terms, and she is now the owner/operator of The Casablanca, a successful high-end restaurant located on the sugary sand beach in Largo Bay. It has taken her years to achieve her dream of being able to design her own dishes and make people happy with a great meal.

Unfortunately, the only drawback was there hadn’t been any time for romance. Oh, sure, she’d dated a handful of men over the years, but nothing ever panned out, since her restaurant always took priority.

When she got to the point of feeling overwhelmed with not only being the lead chef but also running the business, she reached out and hired a general manager for The Casablanca.

Paul was perfect for the job. He had great ideas, was a hard worker, and seemed to really enjoy the restaurant life. In fact, the restaurant was now making very good money.

The only drawback was the two of them seemed to argue over almost everything. In fact, their bickering was so common, no one who worked at the restaurant thought twice about it.

Both Erin and Paul knew they admired each other. But the fighting was starting to get to both of them.

Until one day, something happens…

Lost Love Letters

Book One in the Largo Bay series

​​Pat Adeff