Bernice Graves - Station Manager - sharp, smart, CEO type
(‘Tough Broad’ with a soft heart for the story)

Nigel Strongheart - Announcer - suave, deep voice
(also does voice for Doc Crawford)

Amanda Hunnycutt – Assistant to Station Manager - early 20’s very pretty and efficient
(Has to fill in voice for Tom Parks when actor doesn’t show up)

Mr. Grandview – a grand actor - able to do many various dialects,

he knows he’s good
(Does voices for: Mayor Green, Henry, & Mr. Johnson

Mrs. Grandview – a grand actress (able to do many various dialects)
(no one is more impressed than herself)
(Does voices for: Mrs. Green, Mrs. Olson)

Miss Grandview – the daughter of the grand actors – and knows it
(spoiled but kind-hearted)
(Does voice for Robert Green)

Mrs. Pottsbotham (woman of indeterminate age who wanders throughout the show, slightly ditzy, but nice.)  She’s definitely an older star and probably Mr. Grandview’s mother.

Mrs. Billie Armstrong (“Mom” to everyone at the studio, she is also the stage mother for the children's chorus)
(Does voice for Grammy Sue)

Dorothy Camp  - best friend to Amanda – Commercial Gal
(pretty and talks a mile-a-minute)

Miss Lola Ketchum – gorgeous actress who has caught the eye of Mr. Grandview
(stunningly gorgeous with little girl voice)
(Does voice for Katie)

Margaret Gannon – Commercial Girl (sings and can do young girl voice)
(Does voice for Cindy)
(able to sing, dance and do little girl voice)

Anne Gannon – Commercial Girl (sings and can do young girl voice)
(Does voice for Mindy)
(able to sing, dance and do little girl voice)

Ralph Ferris​ - A working voice actor with an eye for the ladies.

(Does voice for Mr. Olson, Tom Parks, Worker, and Kevin Dempsey)

Ralph Ferris, Jr. - Sound effects man and cute nerd - must be able to do several actions at once. He’s the radio station’s sound effects guy

Mrs. Ralph Ferris – Mother to sound effects guy.  Excellent professional voice actress – flirts with Mr. Grandview

(Does voice for Mrs. Johnson)

Alice Ferris – Daughter to Mr & Mrs. Ferris and sister to Sound Effects guy. Female 5 – 10
(Does voice for Donna Sue)

Doug Saunders – A Marine and Amanda Honeycutt’s fiancée
(good looking serviceman)

Childen's Chorus any number of children who audition and can sing are part of the Children's Chorus.

Commercial Gals – any number of young ladies who audition with excellent singing and dancing skills

USO Singer Bette Lombard
Female 20 – 30, glamorous with torch-song voice
(also sings soft backup for Children’s Chorus)

USO Singer Peggy Williams
Female 20 – 30, girl-next-door look with bright happy voice
(also sings soft backup for Children’s Chorus)

Radio Station Writer
Female 25 – 50.  Is on stage most of time at typewriter.  Hair in bun with pencils sticking out of it.  Harlequin style glasses.

Costume & Make-up Mistress
Female 20 – 30, always has costumes she’s mending or make-up she’s fixing for one of the Commercial Gals.  She’s very busy on stage.

Telegram Boy –
Male 12 - 17, he goes throughout the lobby before the show paging different people.  He is the one who gives Dorothy the telegram for Amanda.

Autograph Woman –
She also helps us set the ambiance for this production by being in the lobby before the show.  She will be one of the people who receive telegrams.  She also comes out of the audience to get autographs from our various singers and performers.

Sweet, yet spicy!

Pat Adeff - Author and Playwright

A heartwarming holiday tale set at radio station WOTR in NYC.

Our story within a story takes place on Christmas Eve, 1945.

On the Radio