“This is a sweet love story with a compelling plot line and memorable characters.  A light and enjoyable read, set in and around Orange County and the Inland Empire cities of Southern California. I recommend this book to anyone interested in romance; especially people, like me, in their later years, who believe that true love is not reserved for the young, but that it can be found at any age.”

“A lovely romance featuring a woman who thought her romantic life was over. 40ish and two nearly grown children, her husband asks for a divorce. She kept from being lonely by concentrating on her children and her job as a drama teacher. Then enter a handsome cop. A sweet story.”

“It is a refreshing love story. The interpersonal details of relationships shared among the characters are intriguing. Both protagonists are relatable as well as lovable. It is a must read for people who want to experience the feel good factor.”

Sweet, yet spicy!

Pat Adeff - Author and Playwright

“I really enjoyed reading this story. I loved the tension and drama between Doug and Nancy. Especially since this can be seen as a little real life drama. Most people are always so hesitant in reconnecting or talking to each other when they are so unsure. Such a lovely story to read !..."

"This is a great, 'Hey, it could really happen' type romance!  Very down-to-earth and quite enjoyable, with a reality factor that seems to be missing from the average romance."

"I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read stories that leave them feeling good about life and that are artfully crafted."

"She leaves out the romantic cliches and focuses on the experiences that are relate-able to everyone.  'To Protect and Serve' is an easy to read, hard to put down love story with depth, humor, sweetness and spice!"